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Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit Rules All First Responder Supervisors (Fire Captains) Entitled to FLSA Overtime Pay

In a precedent-setting case handled by Molly Elkin and Sara Faulman of Woodley & McGillivary, the Fourth Circuit (covering Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina) found that Fire Captains who are first responders are entitled to FLSA overtime compensation regardless of whether they also perform supervisory job duties. This decision follows another case handled by Woodley & McGillivary on behalf of police Sergeants in New York City in which the Court found them to be entitled to overtime pay because law enforcement was their primary job duty.  In the Police Sergeant case, over $40 million was recovered in damages. If you are a first responder supervisor and do not receive FLSA overtime compensation please complete the questionnaire by clicking here

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